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Beauty for Children Charity Foundation is an organisation which helps children with disfigurements suffered at birth, or by injury.

Видео-обращение Риммы Васильевны Мойсенко,  основателя фонда


Phone +7(499) 340-78-57

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31 января 2016 года

06 февраля - Валентинки из шоколада, капкейки, открытки. Мастер-класс 06 февраля с 12:00 до 18:00

В день святого Валентина, принято дарить валентинки тем, кто тебе нравится или к кому ты испытываешь прекрасные чувства. Это замечательный повод для совместного творчества родителей и детей, друзей, компаний. Накануне милого праздника 14 февраля – дня всех влюбленных, приглашаем вас сделать подарки и сувениры.



02 января 2016 года

Новогоднее представление в Московской Консерватории "Спящая красавица"

Евгения Добровольская прочтет сказку «Спящая красавица» под музыку Чайковского



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Beauty for Children Charity Foundation



Beauty for Children Charity Foundation is an organisation which helps children with disfigurements suffered at birth, or by injury.
The Foundation's Aims
The aim of the Foundation is to restore children's appearance and recover from disfigurements at birth or by injuries - helping them adapt to life in society and ensuring a firm, happy future. We also aim to prevent our children from social isolation.
The Foundation's Mission 
Our mission is to provide prompt, competent medical aid for children with different types of disfigurements and further rehabilitation of physical & psychological health after treatment. We additionally strive to enlist specialists from the beauty and health industry who can ensure that corrective therapy for blemishes in appearance will help the child to enjoy a happy future.
Beauty for Children Charity Foundation covers all areas – financial, administrative, informational – to help provide successful treatment and the rehabilitation of children. 
The foundation’s target beneficiaries are orphan children, disabled children, and children from needy families between the ages of 0-18 years with the following disfigurements:
Maxillofacial pathologies (typically cleft lip deformation, etc)
Vascular pathologies in the facial and cranial areas;
Tumors of the lower and upper jaws;
Cysts and fistulas of the face and neck;
Post-traumatic and after-burn of the face & neck deformations;
Disfigurements of the craniofacial soft tissues and other pathologies caused at birth or by injuries;
Other disfigurements.
The Foundation was founded in April 2012. We aim to combine the work of doctors and other specialists from the beauty and health industry to enable children with birth disfigurements, and blemishes caused by injuries or illness, to live healthy, sound and happy lives. 
The President and founding member of the Beauty for Children Charity Foundation is R. V. Moysenko, a famous dietician, a PhD in medical sciences. The Foundation Board of Trustees also includes well-known people: T. V. Vedeneeva, a TV presenter; N. A. Geppe, MD, Professor, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Children`s Diseases, Clinic Director; N. N. Potekaev – Professor, MD, Director of the Scientific and Research Center, Chief Dermato-Venerologist of Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Public Health & Social Development, President of the National Alliance of Dermatologists and Cosmetologists, and other leading specialists.
The number of children born with the maxillofacial pathologies grows yearly in Russia. Every year over 30,000 children are born with deformations such as cleft lip or palate. In most regions of the Russian Federation there are no medical institutions able to provide competent medical aid to children in the area of paediatric maxillofacial surgery.
Regional healthcare facilities don't have the necessary equipment, or the full-time permanent specialists. Available medical resources are insufficient to provide competent medical aid, and don't have the capacity to treat all children with disfigurements. Furthermore, Rosstat  - the Federal State Statistics Service - data for the last five years shows that there's been an increase in the number of applications from children to departments of traumatology with burns, stings, cuts and other injuries.
Beauty for Children Foundation runs and develops its activities in the following areas:
1. Targeted assistance to restore the appearance of orphaned children, disabled children and children from needy families.
2. Social adaptation, rehabilitation and psychological aid to families and children during the pre and post-operative period.
3. Employment of nurses and babysitters for the treatment period for children from different types of orphanages.
4. Assistance to needy families with children to cover transport costs to the place of examination and treatment.
5. Assistance in paying for medical products, and medical equipment for the treatment of children with disfigurements.
6. Consolidation and combining the work of charitable organisations, medical institutions and specialists with the aim of providing prompt & competent medical aid to children with appearance difficulties.
7. Assistance in obtaining social and legal aid for needy families with children with congenital and acquired appearance pathologies.
8. Scientific, educational and publishing activity.
9. Organising leisure activities (celebrations, master classes) and playgrounds in medical institutions administering treatment to the Foundation's beneficiaries. 
Children with many types of disfigurements who have received timely and competent medical aid thanks to advanced technologies, professional doctors and an integrated approach are able to live secure lives, and engage fully in society. They can study, work, and build families. Improving their appearance means improving their happiness and attitude to life. It gives them the chance to live a secure and happy life just like children of their own age… 
Can you join us in helping children with disfigurements, to make them healthy and happy? Can you help our Foundation to work even better?
We can do much more together! Please join our Foundation’s activities by becoming our partners, sponsors, friends & supporters.  
Contact the Foundation by calling: 8 (499) 340 40 87 and 8 (499) 340 78 57 or e-mail: info@krasota-detyam.ru
Prompt treatment for disfigurements offers kids the chance to live happy & secure lives. We appeal to you for your help in achieving this aim! Don’t think twice! We can make a real difference together.
'Don't miss a chance to do good'
(the motto of German doctor & philanthropist Friedrich Haass, who devoted his professional life to helping prisoners, the homeless and other unfortunate people in Moscow).





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